Music in the Library

Mini Music Sessions

Music in the Library is an active program featuring several high-class vocal and instrumental concerts.  The concerts provide general entertainment and often feature a chance to learn interesting local history with performances by folk artists who sing the praises of ocean and ship lore, reflecting an earlier time.  The well-rounded, eclectic agenda also includes genres such as jazz, classical, Celtic, Appalachian, French Canadian, and even familiar bossa-nova standards from the 1960s.

The concerts are open to the public; however, donations are welcome. Any size donation designated to Music in the Library is thankfully accepted. The very survival of the concerts depends on contributed funds!

Volunteers are always needed for receptions during intermission which involves setting up and manning a table for light refreshments.  Also, a couple of volunteers to help set up folding chairs a few hours before the concert would be most appreciated.  Please consider volunteering.  The Music Committee consists of only 3 people who cannot do it all.  We really need you to help out, even though you will find the duties light.

Please keep in mind that our venue is small, therefore seating for concerts is limited!

Music Committee

Heidi Hinkley

Kylie Hinkley

Charlene Nelson