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William J. Plaskon – President and Data Manager

Jean Guptill – Vice President

Charles L. Alley – Vice President Emeritus

Nancy Sawyer – Treasurer

Eric Kelley – Historian

Ashley Faulkingham -Secretary


Byron Carver, Jr.

Andrew Hutnik

Charlene Nelson

Betty Kelley


If you have not already heard, the date, location and agenda for the JHS 20th anniversary celebration has been changed.

Instead of a buffet dinner at the Community of Christ Church hall, all members are invited to attend an Open House in the JHS Museum and Meeting Room at 21 Sawyer Square on Sunday, July 23rd from 1:00 to 5:00 PM.

 We will provide plenty of appetizers, sandwiches, refreshments and desserts. There will be a door prize given every half hour when the winning ticket holders still present can choose from local history books, a framed copy of the historic town tax map, luminaries and note cards crafted by Betty Kelley, matted photos of Jonesport landscapes and seascapes, JHS DVDs, and lighthouse T-shirts.

A silent slide show 20 Years in 20 Minutes will run continuously.

If you are a prior member, you can pay your dues when you arrive.

We hope to see many of you there. It will be a good opportunity to see each other again.

Bill Plaskon, President

Jonesport Historical Society


Beautiful Jonesport Maine was incorporated in 1832. Born as a seafaring community, the village still retains much of its original character as families today continue the maritime traditions of their ancestors. The Jonesport Historical Society was established in 2003 as a non-profit corporation to preserve the rich history of this special place.

Jonesport Digital Tour

Jonesport Historical Society has teamed up with Vamonde to create a digital tour of the Jonesport area. Each tab features a different digital tour along with the link to it.

Exploring the Historic Sites of West Jonesport

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, when the sailing vessels were traveling the waters off the coast of Maine and beyond, it wasn’t unusual for a captain to shout to a passing ship, “Where do you hail from?” on the ship’s megaphone. A captain from Jonesport would return with “Jonesport.” When the inquiring captain would yell back “Jonesport, where?” The Jonesport captain would return with “Jonesport America.” Jonesport remains the only town in the United States with this name.

Link to Digital Tour

Exploring the Historic Sites of Central Jonesport

Link to Digital Tour

Exploring the Historic Sites of Sawyer Square in Jonesport

Sawyer Square contains the most historic buildings that are still standing.

Link to Digital Tour

Exploring the History of Sawyer Cove

At one time Jonesport was a busy port for shipping. In the 1880’s about 2500 vessels would pass through Moosabec Reach into Sawyer Cove every year.

Link to Digital Tour

Jonesport Historical Society Museum

A brief tour through the Jonesport Historical Society museum, heritage center, and meeting room.

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