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Art in the Library Artists' Gallery

Featured in this online gallery are artists who have participated in previous and current Art in the Library art shows.

To learn more about each artist and to see a photo of their artwork, click on the artist's name.

view larger - © Valerie Aponik

Valerie Aponik - Plein Air

Valerie Aponik lives and works from her studio/home on Great Wass Island.  Primarily a plein air painter, Aponik is often found along the local waterfront, islands, homes and gardens of coastal Maine in all four seasons.  Known for her use of color and passionate brush work to convey light and form, she could be described as an impressionist.  "Painting in the moment, witnessing the everyday" is Aponik's greatest passion.  Primarily a self-taught artist, Aponik believes she will continue to study and grow through workshops, painting with fellow artists, and studying the Masters.  Her goal is to keep her work fresh and to grow as an artist.  Her work is collected locally, nationally, and internationally, in both private and corporate collections.  She received First Place Painting Fall of 2008 in Bar Harbor's Art by the Sea Show,  and was honored with First Place, Best of Show, and People's Choice in the Maine Coast Competition in 2006.  Her work can be found locally at the Nelson Decoy Gallery, and also at Archipelago in Rockland, Blue Hill Bay Gallery in Blue Hill, and Woodwind Gallery in Machias.  Contact:  Valerie Aponik at PO Box 226, Beals, Maine 04611.  Phone:  207-497-3442, email or check out her website at

Joan Beal - Photography

Joan Beal is a native of Beals who never ceases to be intrigued by the beauty and nature that surrounds her life.  Whether working in her masterful garden on Great Wass Island or breathing in the magnificence of the salt air at her camp at the end of the island, Joan is enamored with her surrounds.  Starting with a disposable camera years ago, she has graduated to a Kodak Z740 digital and can print what she likes out of the thousands of photos she takes of flowers, birds, wildlife animals and the sea.  Her range of items available to the public includes note and greeting cards; framed and unframed photography.  Phone 497-5908 before 7pm.  Email:

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view larger - © Ray Beal

Ray Beal - Photography

Ray Beal is a seventh generation native of Beals. He has an associate degree in photography from the University of Maine at Augusta; a Bachelor in Education degree from the University of Maine, Machias.  The photographic process helps him focus his attention in the present moment. He calls this process "stitching the shadow."  His photographic work may be characterized by three general themes: floral and nature studies and Downeast community life.  Others have described his work as specializing in the four seasons.

view larger - © Marshia Brown

Marshia Brown - oil

Marshia Brown has been involved and active in the arts since 1970.  In Jonesort, she established the first Artists Studio Tour and then "Art in the Library" for the Peabody Memorial Library.  As chairman of these self supporting projects, her main concern is promoting arts and the artists in the community, stressing the importance of art for children and also encouraging people to become more familiar with the library and its importance to the community.  Marshia has been shown in over 30 galleries, and has been featured in media write-ups and honored with many awards.  She and her husband Bob live in Jonesport where they are avid boaters.


Greg Campbell - Oil

Greg Campbell was raised in Sedgwick, Maine, graduated from George Stevens Academy in 1960 and then attended the University of Maine for an all together too long a time. In 1968 he and his family moved to Michigan and Greg worked for General Motors Research for 13 years. He started painting in the 70’s as a stress relief. He worked for Mobil Chemical Research from 1981 to 1984 and then was an administrator and taught Chemical Engineering at Clarkson University for 24 years. He and Sue moved to Jonesport in 2008 after retiring from his 40 year technical research and development career which focused on polymers and plastics. He picked up the paint brushes for the first time in 30 years to take part in the Robert Beck clinic 4 years ago. He continues to work toward developing a style that is inspired by Richard Schmidt and others.

(No image supplied.)

view larger - © Carole Donovan

Carole Donovan - Photography / Oil / Acrylics / Relief Carvings / Woodburnings

Carole Donovan has been showing with "Art in the Library" since its inception and her often whimsical and thematic paintings have pleased and brought smile and pleasure to local art lovers. She and her husband, Stuart, live on Englishman Bay in Jonesport, where they are owned by a kitty named Queeky, often a subject of her paintings.  She dabbles in stained-glass, creating three-dimensional sailboats, and she creates mosaics to use up left-over pieces of glass that would otherwise go to waste. She is also a Board member of Peabody Memorial Library in Jonesport where she is in charge of hiring musicians to perform in the library's Music in the Library concert series. Email:

view larger - © Laura Fish

Laura Fish - Watercolors, acrylics, oils

Laura L. Fish is Jonesport born and raised. She uses watercolors, acrylics and has just started with oils. She mostly paints lighthouses and other ocean scenes and is currently the art and ELA teacher at Beals Elementary.

view largerKen Graslie - © Kenneth Graslie

Kenneth Graslie - Oil

Kenneth Graslie began his serious art studies in high school and continued at the Museum School of Fine Art in Massachusetts.  He furthered his education at New England School of Art as an illustration major, graduating in 1970.  He did graduate work at Montserrat College of Art.  His first large show was in 1972 at the Collins Gallery in Boston, followed by a one man show at Wheeler Gallery in Concord, Massachusetts.  Both exhibits were abstract paintings.  After working in a non-conceptional way for many years, he found it refreshing to rediscover Modern Realism.  "My style changes organically depending upon the subject matter, leading to the variations in my art work.  Some pieces are bold, hard line interpretations of life, and others are soft and flowing.  The key to all my paintings is a strong use of color that unites the different styles I use."  Email:

view larger - © Jolene Harmon

Jolene Harmon - Oil

Jolene Harmon was born and raised in Jonesport, and taught herself to sew at a very young age.  Nearly 12 years ago she discovered she had the ability to paint, and has captured many landmarks in the area.  Her art has enabled her to be an independent fabric designer, and has developed three designs in that many years.  This dimension had enabled her business to take on a whole new life.  Please visit her website at:

Fred Hartman - Ink & Watercolor

Fred Hartman's wildlife art abilities are a blending of his life as a Wildlife Biologist and as an aspiring artist who constantly challenges his own art abilities.


As a Wildlife Biologist since 1958, he has been directly involved in many wildlife projects and programs, especially waterfowl, across the continent.  He has done Waterfowl research, management, and banding in Maine.  After a stint with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, he spent his career with the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

He has been a prominent player in waterfowl management in the Atlantic Flyway, across the continent and with the design and implementation of the North American Waterfowl Management Program.  He has had considerable involvement with Ducks Unlimited programs and has been a D.U. member since 1974.

Being a wetland Ecologist and waterfowl friendly, has enabled Fred to put his waterfowl, wildlife, and habitat scenes in his art into the right perspective.  His wildlife art is "biologically correct."  Upon retirement from the Pennsylvania Game Commission 25 years ago, he moved to Maine permanently and started to seriously pursue wildlife art.

Considering the many awards that he and Patty (photography) have won and the many, many people who have their art, even as mini galleries, in their homes across the continent, people evidently like his wildlife art.

In addition, he has raised, trained, and hunted his Labrador Retrievers for 55 years, and they did their work in outstanding fashion.

(No image supplied.)

view larger - © Inge Herzog

Inge Herzog - Pottery

Inge Herzog is a resident of Jonesport who attended the Maine College of Art on a full ride and majored in Ceramics. Her imagery always consists of animals--usually foxes, out of her obsession with her pet fox, Winchester--and her preferred mediums are painting and ceramics.

view larger"Waiting" - © Kylie Hinkley

Kylie Hinkley - Photography

Kylie Hinkley is currently a nursing student at the University of Maine, Orono. She has been an avid volunteer at Peabody Memorial Library and is the youngest member of the Board of Trustees. Through her volunteer efforts, she has worked diligently with the librarian to upgrade the library with many important programs for all ages, especially for children and teens. She has enjoyed photography as a hobby for many of her teenage years and loves to photograph scenic photos of the Moosabec area. A native of Jonesport, Kylie resides with her family and her pet hamsters Jeffrey and Tommy, along with her cat, Jordan.

Shawn Johnson, Jr. - Acrylic, Pen, & Watercolor

My name is Shawn Johnson, Jr. I am 15 and a sophomore at Jonesport-Beals High School. I love art and have been drawing since I was three years old. I have a passion for movies and my idol is Steven Spielberg. I plan to attend the College for the Arts in Portland, Maine after I graduate.

(No image supplied.)

view largerNancy Kahler - © Nancy Kahler

Nancy Kahler - Acrylics

Nancy Kahler is a self-taught artisit who produces a variety of both traditional and experimental paintings.  Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and other venues in Maine, earning several awards along the way.  Working  primarily in acrylics and mixed media, Nancy's style ranges from representational to whimsical.  She sometimes embeds bits of nature in her paintings or into 3-dimensional pieces made with paper mache.  With a Master's degree in Gerontology, Nancy is an Alzheimer's specialist as well as a Reiki Master.  She worked for an airline for many years, which enabled her to fulfill her dream of traveling to many parts of the world as well as throughout the United States.  Originally from upstate New York, she and her husband have resided in Maine sine 1998.  Email: or phone 207-497-5795. 

view larger - © Karsten Kittelsen

Karsten Kittelsen - Oil

Karsten Kittelsen works primarily in oil on canvas and canvas board, specializing seascapes, wildlife, and nature.  When he is not painting, he enjoys exploring the Downeast coast in his lobster boat, F/V Grammie out of Eastern Harbor, South Addison.  Karsten grew up on the small island of Veierland off the coast of Norway, the son of a fisherman.  He descended from a long line of artists, including the internationally famous artist and illustrator of children's fairy tales, Theodor Kittelsen.  He emigrated to the United States in 1961, and now makes his home in South Addison, Maine.  Karsten received his education in Europe, Canada, and the United States.  As a teenager, he worked closely with a group of artists from Oslo who had established their summer residences on the island where Karsten grew up, getting his first exposure to oils.  Later in life, he studied under June Carter, John McNeil, and others in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  He was particularly influenced by the internationally recognized marine painter William DeGarth of Peggy's Cove fame.  In the late nineties and early 2000's he studied the impressionists (focusing on Edouard Manet and Claude Monet) at the Art Institute of Chicago.  Most recently, he has taken classes from the successful west coast seascape painter E. John Robinson.

Phone:  207-266-6027 or email:


view largerLisa Marin - © Lisa Marin

Lisa Marin - Oils

Lisa Marin grew up in a family where art was everything.  The influence of her grandfather, the American Modernist John Marin, opened up a world of art and artists for her.  Her parents, John and Norma Marin, made sure that appreciation for the arts was foremost in her life.  Born in New York City, Lisa and her family spent winters in the city and summers at her grandfather's cottage on Cape Split in Addison.  Lisa enjoys working in oils and mixed media.  She is the art instructor for Jonesport & Beals Elementary schools and Jonesport-Beals High School.  Lisa resides in Jonesport with her husband, Arnie Smith.

John McMurray - sculptor

John McMurray grew up in the Belgian Congo. He left there in 1956 to enroll in Washington Lee University where he received his BA in 1960. Then for seven years he was a sheep farmer in West By God, Virginia, before enrolling in Harvard where he received his Master’s Degree. He taught art from 1967 to 2001 at Andover, Massachusetts. After he retired, he moved to an old salt farm in Addison where he has been raising kinetic outdoor sculptures every since. John’s eccentric and eclectic sculptures take on personalities of their own and often reflect John’s witty sense of humor and fun. In tutoring local individuals in sculpture and teaching many classes for Sunrise Senior College, John jokingly remarks that he might actually be corrupting people by encouraging them into this art.

(No image supplied.)

Catherine Meager - Acrylic

Catherine Meager (Cathy) was born in New Brunswick, Canada.  Along with her parents, she and her two siblings moved to Maine when she was 7 years old.  Cathy married and was a stay-at-home mother to three boys.  When her children left the nest, she started working outside the home.  In the 1980's, she attended adult education courses at a local high school, attempting to learn the art of painting on canvas with oils.  Her paintings were few and far between and mostly gifted to family and friends.  She painted many different subjects and enjoyed her new relaxing hobby.  In 2007, while spending the winter with her husband in Silver Springs, Florida, she was asked by a small group of friends to join them painting with acrylics on canvas.  The group got together weekly to paint, chat and learn.  The group continues to hold classes every winter.  When at home in  Corina, Maine, Cathy continues to work on her painting along with her flower garden, sewing, knitting, crocheting and other crafts.  This is all part of keeping busy, being happy and relaxing in her "Golden Years".

(No image supplied.)

view larger - © Helen Messemer-Thomas

Helen Messemer-Thomas - Watercolor

Helen Messemer-Thomas works and resides in Calais, where she has her studio. She received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Maryland Institute College of Art and has been painting and exhibiting her work in the United States and abroad for the past forty years. She has received over thirty-six awards in several mediums including watercolor, acrylic, oil, and drawing. Her focus in recent years has been the landscapes, florals and seascapes of Maine. Helen's artwork has been exhibited in Maine, Montana, Idaho, New York, Connecticut, and the American Embassy in Morocco.

Robert Miller - watercolor/mixed medium

Robert Miller is basically a self-taught artist, having painted now for about thirty years. He paints semi-abstracts, mostly of boats and harbor or wharf scenes around Jonesport/Beals. Mixed medium is his preferred material. Robert lives on Beals Island where he has been lobster fishing for thirty years. He also works with his wife, Jewell, in the antiques business, buying and selling period art. He enjoys talking about art, artists past and present, and the philosophy of art. Robert’s work can be seen in the Nelson’s Gallery in Jonesport.

Phone 207-497-2457

(No image supplied.)

view largerCharlene Nelson - © Charlene Nelson

Charlene Nelson - Woodcarving & Watercolors

Charlene is a local artist who has been enjoying a successful career doing her bird carvings.  She is self-taught as an artist, but had her late husband, Bob's, guidance in woodcarving.

Over the years she has earned numerous awards for her songbirds, shorebirds, and decoys.  She has been featured in several magazine and newspaper articles.  She has recently broadened her horizons and entered into the world of watercolor painting.

After working with acrylics for so many years, she is loving the challenges that watercolor presents.

Charlene is a full-time resident who owns and operates Nelson Decoys where she also showcases other local artists.

Charlene is Co-Director of the Peabody Memorial Library's Art in the Library program.

Phone: 207-497-3488 or stop in at 13 Cranberry Lane in Jonesport to visit.

view largerBev Nichols - © Beverly Nichols

Beverly Nichols - Photography

Beverly Nichols has a fascination with light and shadow, variations of light patterns and the depth of color. An avid gardener since her retirement, preserving the beauty of flowers through photography has added a new dimension to her appreciation of art and the challenges of creating something unique. Born in Rhode Island, Beverly is a graduate of the State University of New York at Sarasota Springs, where she obtained a bachelor's degree in Health Care Administration.  Recently retired from a long career as a nurse anesthetist, she resides in Jonesport with her husband Ray. She has been a member of the Art in the Library Committee since its inception and is President of Friends of the Library.

view larger - © Paul Powers

Paul Powers - Photography

Paul and his wife moved Downeast in 2015. He has been photographing wildlife for the past twenty years and his goal is to capture the personality of the creature in an artistic way. The close-up view enables one to see the natural features that are usually missed in real life due to all the movement and surrounding distractions. His greatest hope, through his photographs, is to evoke some of the same wonder and respect for the beauty and variety of our natural world that he has felt since first seeing those remarkable critters in his backyard and running amongst the trees and streams of his neighborhood.

view larger"Heather Lou" - © Robin Rier

Robin Rier - Oil

Robin S. Rier, an oil painter, enjoys painting en plein air and still life and from photographs taken during her travels.  Robin completed a two-year study in wooden boat building in Eastport, Maine in 1979.  Her first oil painting, copying a Cezanne still life, was done for a class for the University of Maine at Machias, where she eventually earned a B. A. in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts with a concentration in Visual Arts.  Robin has exhibited her paintings in group and solo shows in Maine, and at various other area art events.  Her work can be seen at the Artful Treasures Made in Maine in Hancock, The Woodwind Gallery and Unique Possibilities in Machias, Grey Wolf Gallery in Addison, Monica's Chocolates in Lubec, and at her studio in Jonesport.  Robin resides in Jonesport with her husband David.  Phone:  207-497-5739 or email:

view largerGreenhouse - © Michele Romanini-Pollard

Michele Romanini-Pollard - Photography

Michelle Romanini-Pollard is an east coast native born in Connecticut.  She moved to California in the early 1970's and worked in Human Resources for the State of California.  She relocated to Jonesport after her retirement in 2004.  Her retirement allowed her to pursue her long interest in photographing nature scenes with emphasis on flowers, water and sunsets.  She is expanding her art interests, with watercolor classes and is learning the art of stained glass.  Michele is a Co-Director of Peabody Memorial Library's Art in the Library Program and a board member of the Jonesport Historical Society.  She resides in the Indian River Bay area with her demanding cat, Kayci.

view larger - © Ineke Schair

Ineke Schair - Acrylic

Ineke Schair is a 20+ year resident of Great Wass Island and has been painting for about five years. She grew up in Holland and has been inspired by her dad who painted as a hobby, and by the constant changes of the water and beauty of Great Wass Island. She has been involved in the arts for many years, in support of the arts and currently, as a budding artist herself.

view larger - © Nicholas Stusse

Nicholas Stusse - Sketch

Nicholas is a 14-year-old student artist who loves art as a great way to express himself. He hopes to get better at what he does and get his name out there.

view larger - © Emily Wenners

Emily Wenners - Photography

Emily (Emmie) and husband John (Jack) have lived year round in Jonesport for about thirty years. They built their house together and enjoy Jonesport's scenic views and nice people. The orchids and plants that I have photographed have been grown in Jonesport over the years as well as vegetables that Jack grows. Both, coming from Quincy, Massachusetts, Emily's parents and grandparents, brother and uncle are buried in Bath, Maine. Emily has always done art work and enjoyed taking photos, sewing, and knitting, and loves the scenery of trees, ocean, flowers, etc. She's worked on jewelry, loves house designs, and especially grandkids, drawing Nemo scenes for her grandson in Massachusetts, who has autism. She also collects kaliediscopes.

view larger - © Sandra Woodward

Sandra Woodward - Collages / Sculptures

Sandra Woodward was born on Beals Island and was raised there until the age of twelve, eventually moving with her to mother to Massachusetts, where she graduated from Newton North High School.  She has had an interest in drawing and making collages for many years and has taken painting, printing, and drawing courses through the Calais Adult Ed program and at the University of Maine, Machias.  Through experimenting she has developed a love for whimsical expression.  Her work has been shown at the Calais Library and since moving back to Beals, she has joined the Bold Coast Art Collective and through the collective has shown her work at the Machias Savings Bank.


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